Are You A Full Time Mom?

An Essential Skill: Definition of Self

Personally, I have decided that I will no longer waste time thinking about which side of the Mommy War is the right for me. I have lived with years of indecision and guilt but when I finally resolved what I stand for in my life that’s when things changed for me. Here’s how I figured it out!

Tired of weight lifting?

The Lesson: Full Time Person

I am a full-time mother, a full-time wife and a full-time teacher. I fill these roles 24 hours a day 7 days a week and I am proud to say that I enjoy my life to the fullest! I live with time crunches, deadlines, dirty laundry, clean laundry, dinner, reading to kids, taking care of the pets plus all the rest. I have fully cultivated all of these jobs because I love my kids, husband and career.

I am comfortable holding down the full-time job of everything that I do. In my mind’s eye, I never stop thinking about my family.  I work outside the home full-time and I am a stay at home full-time mom. I do this all day long. Do you ever stop to punch an emotional time card when you are work or at home?  I bet the answer is no because you are a fully invested in what goes on in your home and outside of your home.

Guided Practice: Practicing Peace

I am calling a truce with myself. My internal battle about myself  with myself, no longer defines who I am. I give up the guilt for the times that I’ve stayed home or time spent as a dedicated employee, while I was away from my other full-time jobs.

Every where I go, I am me.  I am a full-time caring mother, spouse, worker, daughter, sister and friend. I have contributed to my full-time family emotionally, economically and educationally in every full-time job that I have ever held from wherever I was located. Do I sound like you?

Independent Practice: Enjoy Life

My time is better spent being fully engaged in my life rather than worrying over meeting standards set by someone else. It’s time to end the Mommy War because what we all want is to raise and enjoy our happy and healthy families.  We make this possible when we are happy and healthy about ourselves. It’s time to simply enjoy teachable moments with those you love in your own full-time life!

Enjoy your many jobs in your busy life and live each of them to the fullest. Teach your families that the things that truly matter should not be dictated by someone who doesn’t know you or by someone who doesn’t know your circumstances. This is especially true for mom’s who have children with special needs because we live complicated days one day at a time.

Test: Unite

The test will be when we unite as mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Let’s put an end to an absolute definition of working mom or stay at home mom! We all work full-time and over time in life’s teachable moments we show our families where our hearts can truly be found.

About SpecialEd Smart, LLC

SpecialEd Smart, LLC was founded to support families of special needs children and young adults. I offer insight to special education programs. I have a unique perspective from being a mother of a child with a disability, a general education teacher, early childhood special education teacher and serving as a school specialist in special education. I have spent years advocating for my daughter and students on a range of issues. I offer consultative services ranging from academic and behavioral supports to addressing effective communication with family, physicians or IEP Team members. You may contact me by email and I am happy to discuss how I can help you. It is my hope that I'm able to raise awareness for special needs. I look forward to talking with you! View all posts by SpecialEd Smart, LLC

4 responses to “Are You A Full Time Mom?

  • Melanie

    Well said! I am in the same boat. I feel like I do a pretty darn good job at everything but I am also excited for the summer break when I can focus more of my energy towards the kids, my boyfriend, and my friends I only really get to spend time with in the summer. Friday can’t get here soon enough!!

  • Jennifer Jamie Pereyra

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Very well said. I, too, am sick of the Mommy Wars. It’s old news and only serves to further divide a group of individuals that really should be united as we all have a common goal; we all want to raise happy, healthy, well adjusted kids.

    We so often talk about the bullying problem today. Have we ever stopped to look at the example we sometimes set as adults? We need to lead by example when telling our children how important it is to embrace diversity which includes diversity of thought and experience. They say bullying comes down to a lack of confidence. I think that those adults who actively engage in bullying by way of forcing their parenting style on others as part of the Mommy Wars are really just announcing to the world that they are less than confident with the choices they have made for themselves. It’s about time we accept each other for the decisions/choices we have made and be supportive whenever possible.

    • SpecialEd Smart, LLC

      Thank you for such an insightful comment. I agree with you and believe that as we live day to day, we should be living examples for our children. I firmly believe that motherhood is not scientific, it is an art. Just like all great works of art, it is uniquely individual and personal. Yes, we absolutely need to embrace the diversity of thoughts and experiences for all mothers. We do a great job of recognizing and applauding diversity in others but we give little credit for it in ourselves. It’s time to simply enjoy our common bond and celebrate each other’s unique abilities and talents.

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